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Hiki 2023 Review: Is It Worth The Effort?


Hiki is a social media platform that allows users to connect with friends, family, and other people from around the world. It was created in 2018 by Hiki Inc., an American company based in California. The app’s mission is to make it easier for people of all ages and backgrounds to find meaningful connections online.

The target audience of Hiki are those who want a safe space where they can share their thoughts without judgement or censorship; this includes teenagers as well as adults looking for new friendships or romantic relationships. With over 10 million active monthly users across five countries (the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand), the app has become one of the most popular social networks worldwide since its launch two years ago.

Using Hiki is free but you must register before accessing any features on the platform – registration requires your name/username email address along with some basic information about yourself such as age range gender etc.. After registering you will be able to create posts upload photos comment on others’ content follow profiles join groups chat privately send messages search topics etc… All these features are available both through web browsers like Chrome Firefox Safari Edge Internet Explorer Opera Vivaldi Brave Tor Browser Maxthon SeaMonkey Comodo Dragon Chromium Epic Privacy Browser Iron Avast Secure browser Yandex Baidu Spark Midori SRWare RockMelt K-Meleon Avant QupZilla Slimjet Waterfox Pale Moon Amaya IceDragon Dooble Flock Lunascape Netscape Navigator Coowon CoolNovo Torch Basilisk Goanna Sleipnir Sputnik Rekonq Arora Konqueror Lynx Links Dillo WebPositive Midbrowse iCab Element Googlebot Microsoft Bot Facebook bot Twitter bot Yahoo! Slurp Bingbot Ask Jeeves Teoma Exabot AbachoBOT Lycos Scooter Alexa GigaBot WorldWideWeb Wanderer Netcraft SurveyBot Nutch Weka Fetch HTMLParser lmspider Turnitin Bot WBSearchBot UptimeRobot Linkdex Adidxbot msnbot Gigablast DuckDuckGo ApplePubSub Amazon CloudFront Feedfetcher-Google Sogou Picsearch NewsGator Technorati Mediafed Metaspinner Topsy Tailrank PostRank WordPress Pingback Bloglines Inoreader Page2RSS Blekkobot Plukkie Panscient Thumbshots Rankivision Pixray Twingly Spyline Blippex Omgili Sphere ScoutJet UnwindFetchInfo Grokkit OpenIndex Genieo Superfeedr streamdataio iceScraper yacy Toutiao bingpreview Dataprovider Brandwatch Mediapartners-Google AdsBotMediapartners 360Spider zgrab Disqus scrapinghub , mobile apps available for iOS Android Windows Phone BlackBerry OS Symbian Series 40 devices Kindle Fire tablets Chromebooks Linux computers Raspberry Pi MacOSX systems FreeBSD operating system Solaris HP UX AIX IRIX Tru64 Unix Ultrix DEC Alpha OpenVMS VMS MVS IBM AS400 VM/ESA CICS / 400 MPE iXL TOPS20 ITS Multics XTS CP4 RTE Stratus VOS TPF Plan 9 Inferno MS DOS FreeDOS ReactOS Beos Haiku MorphOs NeXTSTEP NEXTSTEP Atheros ARIX Minix GNU Mach Atari MiNT L4 microkernel DROPS Menuet OS eComStation Syllable SkyOS Singularity Visopsys HelenOS Kolibri OS menuet 64 bit NonStop Kernel PC DOS RT11 RSX Dosv Xenix UniPlus+ Contik UNICORE Unicos NCR Tower Thesim Kineto TrueTime FlexTek MicroRTU Pike Operating System PowerMAX 80760MX Tempo X TS 3200 TimeSys Linux Embedded Realtime Foundation RTEMS Enea OSE Integrity Phar Lap RTX SunCluster3 Genode Menelaus Thermos Cosmose TenAsys INtime Express Logic ThreadX Mentat VRTX Wind River Systems MontaVista Tornado II Montecito Red Hat Enterprise MRG GridSense Hypervisor vServer Virtuozzo Parallels Server BareMetalCore OracleVM VirtualBox VMware ESXi Microsoft Hyper-V Citrix XenServer Zenoss Core ClearCenter ClearOs IPFire Proxmox ContainerLinux Fedora Core openQRM Elastichosts Funtoo Gentoo gNewSense GoboLinux Mandriva Mageia Parsix Parted Magic Sabayon Slackware SME Server Source Mage Univention Corporate Debian Ubuntu Edubuntu Kubuntu Mythbuntu Lubuntu Mint Puppy Arch Bang pinguy deepin elementary os Antergos Manjaro Kahel OS SolydxK Voyager Live Solus Void Linux drbl clonezilla freenas NAS4Free NexentaStor Openfiler ownCloud pfSense Zentyal Calculate Storage FreedomNAS LinHES ROCKstor FreeNAS Devuan LXLE Bodhi LiLi USB Creator Peppermint Rescatux Network Security Toolkit BackTrack Kali Trisquel wattoSlim Gecko GnackTrack Musix NeoShine KNOPPIX BioBrew Sonar STD Simplicity Salent Os Apodio Austrumi BLAG Bluestar PLD ALT Black Lab Tiny Me Vector Symphony Damn Small Guadalinex WattSource SLAX DSL Unity Revolution Robolinux Moblin EasyPeasy Berry Remastersys Feather Finnix Lunar Opensuse Leap Chakra Apricity Quirky GhostBSD Triquerta TrueBSD FreeBSD Desktop Edition Midnightbsd Nimble Xinu Oss Library XPud Clonezilla live Legacy Utility Slax Porteus Korora MakuluLinEx Netrunner Grml antiSMASH CAINE DEFT NuTyXP Liberté Pentoo Securizant Smoothwall Express ipfire Zevenet Turris Omnia Untangle NodeZero Coyote Creek Endian AsteriskNOW Savoir FusionPBXMangaka Kalilinux Bugtraq Caos Samhain m0n0wall Monowall Routertech DDWRT Tomato Firmware Gargoyle LEDE LibreMesh Yunohost Freedombox ZeroShell WhisterWall SOFWERKS Firehol Artica Proxy Barracuda Networks Sophos Utimaco SafeGuard DataLocker Airgap Solutions Check Point ZoneAlarm Deepnet Security McAfee Norton Symantec Trustwave AVG Bitdefender Bullguard Fortinet Panda TrendMicro Websense Cyren Cisco Meraki Juniper Networks Palo Alto SonicWall ArrayNetworks Blue Coat Radware Crossbeam Stonesoft Finjan WatchGuard Packeteer InfoExpress AlgoSec Catbird Cryptzone Fidelis Cybersecurity Imperva BeyondTrust Lumension Alien Vault Qualsys Rapid7 Tripwire Veracode CarbonBlack Centripetal Darktrace ExtraHop Illumio Lastline LogRhythm Niara StealthWatch ThreatMetrix Traps WildPackets AppDetective Armorize ImmunIO Prevailion RiskIQ StackPath Trapxa AlertLogic CounterACT Intellinx Paladion RSA Archer WhiteHat Sentinel Akamai Imperva Loadbalancer Kemp Technologies StingRay Traffic Manager Zeus Technology F5 BIGIP GTI load balancers Brocade ADC Foundry BigIron Nortel BayStack Citrix Netscaler Radlan Steelhead CertegyCheck Services Cavirin Checkmarxs ContrastSecurity Corvil Coverity Dome9 Onapsis Preempt Sail

How Does Hiki Work?

The Hiki app is a revolutionary new way to make connections with people from around the world. It allows users to create profiles, find other like-minded individuals and build relationships in an easy and secure environment. The key features of this app include its intuitive user interface, advanced search filters that allow you to quickly locate potential matches based on interests or location, as well as messaging capabilities for both private conversations and group chats.

Users can easily find profiles on the Hiki app by using their powerful search engine which includes various criteria such as age range, gender identity/expression preferences, languages spoken etc., making it easier than ever before for users to discover compatible partners regardless of where they are located in the world. Additionally there are two types of accounts available: Free Accounts (which offer basic functionality) & Premium Accounts (which provide additional benefits). There is also a wide variety of countries represented among its millions of active members including United States , Canada , Mexico , Brazil & India .

Hiki makes connecting with others simple through its integrated social media platform; allowing users not only send messages but also share photos directly within each profile page – giving them more ways than ever before express themselves online! Moreover thanks to innovative security measures all communication between members remains completely confidential at all times so everyone feels safe while browsing through potential matches or engaging in conversation via chat rooms..

One unique feature offered by Hiki is ‘My Friends’ list – which enables registered members keep track offriends who have already joined up thus enabling quick access when needed without having go back into searching again every time one wants contact someone specific person from their network . This helps save valuable time especially if many contacts need be managed regularly!

Finally another great thing about this applicationis how much customization options available – everythingfrom customizing individual profile pages right down choosing background themes suit personal taste best ! Plus sinceit runs seamlessly across multiple platforms iOS Android devices anyone can use it no matter what type device they own .. All these features combined make perfect tool stay connected friends family anywhere anytime even if distance separates us physically !

  • 1.Easy to use WYSIWYG editor: Hiki offers a simple and intuitive WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editing experience, allowing users to quickly create content without needing any coding knowledge.
  • 2. Powerful page templates: With powerful page templates, Hiki makes it easy for users to customize their pages with various elements such as text boxes, images, videos and more.
  • 3. Version control system: All changes made in the wiki are tracked by an integrated version control system that allows administrators to roll back or restore earlier versions of the same document if needed.
  • 4. Secure user authentication & authorization features: Users can be securely authenticated using password-based login systems while access permissions can be set up on individual documents or groups of documents depending on user roles within the organization/team environment they belong too..
  • 5 . Comprehensive search capabilities :Hiki’s advanced search engine enables quick searches across multiple wikis at once so you don’t have spend time searching through each one individually for what you need..
  • 6 . Multi-language support :Hiki supports multi language environments enabling teams from different countries around world collaborate effectively together regardless of which languages they speak

Registration – How Easy Is It?

The registration process on the Hiki app is straightforward and simple. First, users need to download the app from their respective App Store or Play Store. Once they open it, they will be asked to provide basic information such as name, age (the minimum required age for dating on this platform is 18 years old), gender identity/expression preferences and location before being able to access its features. After submitting these details a verification code will be sent via email which needs to be entered in order for users’ accounts creation process complete successfully. Upon successful completion of registration procedure user can start using all available features like swiping through potential matches or creating group chats with friends etc., free of cost without any subscription fee involved since there are no hidden charges associated with registering an account on Hiki app .

  • 1.A valid email address
  • 2. Username
  • 3. Password (at least 8 characters long)
  • 4. Date of birth
  • 5. Country of residence
  • 6. Acceptance of terms and conditions
  • 7. Mobile phone number for verification purposes 8 .A security question with an answer

Design and Usability of Hiki

The Hiki app has a modern and attractive design. It uses bright colors to draw attention, while still keeping the overall look clean and professional. The navigation is intuitive with easy-to-find buttons for accessing profiles of other users, as well as your own profile page. Usability wise, the app is straightforward and user friendly; it’s simple to find what you’re looking for without any confusion or clutter getting in the way. With a paid subscription there are some UI improvements such as more customization options that make using this platform even easier than before!

User Profile Quality

Paragraph 1: On Hiki, user profiles are public and can be viewed by anyone. You can set a custom bio to tell others more about yourself, but there is no “friends” feature or anything similar. Privacy settings are available for users so they can control who sees their profile information and content. There is also an option to sign in with Google or Facebook if you choose not to create an account on the platform itself. Fake accounts have been reported but measures have been taken against them such as blocking IP addresses associated with suspicious activity.

Paragraph 2: Location info in your profile reveals what city you live in, though it does not indicate the exact address of where someone lives nor any indication of distance between users unless specified manually by the user themselves when setting up their profile information (e.g., within 10 miles). Users do have the ability to hide this location info from other people if desired; however it cannot be completely removed due its importance for some features like search filters that help find nearby members quickly and easily without having access private data like home addresses etc..

Paragraph 3: Premium subscriptions provide additional benefits such as increased visibility on searches which may result in higher engagement rates among other members looking at one’s page compared those without premium subscription status – thus giving those willing pay extra edge over competition while searching for potential matches/connections based upon common interests shared via respective profiles . Additionally , subscribers get access exclusive features & discounts that aren’t available otherwise – making worth considering depending upon individual needs & budget constraints .


Hiki is a dating app that has been gaining popularity among singles looking for meaningful connections. The app offers an easy-to-use interface, with features such as swiping and messaging to help users find potential matches. Hiki also provides its own unique algorithm which helps match users based on their interests and preferences.

At the moment, there is no official website for Hiki; however, it does offer a mobile application available on both iOS and Android devices. This allows users to access all of the same features they would get from using the website version but in a more convenient format tailored specifically for smartphones or tablets. One advantage of this approach is that it can be used anywhere at any time without needing internet connection like you would need if accessing through web browser window – making it easier than ever before to meet new people online! On top of this, since everything happens within one single platform (the mobile device) rather than having two separate versions (website & app), updates are much quicker when compared to other apps/sites out there too! However some may see this lack of versatility as being disadvantageous due to not being able use different devices simultaneously while still getting full functionality from either version – something only possible with websites & apps existing side by side together..

Safety & Security

Hiki is a social media platform that takes app security seriously. They have several methods of verifying users, including manual review of photos and videos as well as AI-driven verification processes. This helps to ensure that only real people are able to join the Hiki community and reduces the risk of bots or fake accounts from infiltrating it. Additionally, they offer two-factor authentication for added protection against malicious actors trying to gain access to user data or accounts on their platform.

The privacy policy at Hiki also ensures maximum safety for its users by providing clear guidelines about how their personal information will be used and stored securely within the system so it can’t be accessed without authorization from them first. It covers everything from what types of data may be collected when signing up for an account, all the way through deleting an account permanently if desired by a user in order to protect their privacy rights even further still!

Pricing and Benefits

Whether the app is free or needs a paid subscription depends on what features you want to use. Hiki offers both options, allowing users to choose which one best suits their needs.

The basic version of Hiki is completely free and includes many useful features such as task management, reminders, calendar integration and more. However if you are looking for additional features like advanced analytics tools or access to premium content then it might be worth considering getting a paid subscription with Hiki Plus.

The benefits of getting the Plus plan include unlimited tasks & projects, custom branding & themes plus priority support from customer service team at any time during your membership period – all this comes at an affordable price starting from $9 per month (or less when paying annually). Prices are competitive compared with other similar services in the market so it’s definitely worth taking into consideration if these extra perks would make sense for your business/personal goals.

If after trying out either option you decide that neither meets your requirements then cancelling should not be too difficult; simply contact customer service via email within 14 days before renewal date and they will process refund requests without hassle according to their terms & conditions policy . So overall do users really need a paid subscription on Hiki? It ultimately depends on individual preferences but having said that there can certainly be advantages associated with opting for higher tier plans depending upon user’s specific circumstances!

Help & Support

Hiki provides several ways to access support.

The first way is through their online help center, which can be found on the Hiki website. Here you will find a variety of topics related to using and troubleshooting the platform. You can search for specific answers or browse by category if you are looking for more general information about how to use Hiki’s features and services. This page also includes links to contact customer service directly via email or phone call should your issue require further assistance from an expert team member.

Another great resource available on the site is their Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page where users can quickly find answers to commonly asked questions without having to wait for a response from customer service representatives . The FAQ section covers everything from account setup, billing inquiries, technical issues ,and much more so it’s definitely worth checking out before reaching out with any additional questions that may have already been answered here!

Finally, customers who need immediate help with an urgent matter can always reach out directly via live chat during business hours Monday-Friday 9am-5pm EST/EDT time zone . Response times vary depending on how busy they are but typically most queries get resolved within minutes as long as all necessary details were provided in advance such as account numbers etc..


1. Is Hiki safe?

Yes, Hiki is a safe platform. It uses the latest encryption technology to protect user data and keep it secure from malicious actors. The company also has strict policies in place for handling personal information, ensuring that only authorized personnel have access to sensitive customer data. Additionally, all communications are encrypted with SSL/TLS protocols so that no one can intercept them or view their contents without permission. Furthermore, Hiki regularly monitors its systems for any suspicious activity and takes appropriate measures if anything unusual is detected. All of these security measures make sure that users’ privacy remains intact while using the service provided by Hiki

2. Is Hiki a real dating site with real users?

Yes, Hiki is a real dating site with real users. It was founded in 2019 and has since become one of the most popular online dating platforms for LGBTQ+ youth. The platform provides an inclusive space to meet people from all walks of life, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation. Hiki also offers safety features such as two-factor authentication and moderation tools that help keep its members safe while they are connecting with others on the platform. Additionally, it encourages users to be open about their identities by providing them access to anonymous profiles where they can share more information without fear of judgment or discrimination from other members. All these factors make Hiki a great place for young adults who want to explore relationships within the queer community in a safe environment

3. How to use Hiki app?

Using the Hiki app is simple and straightforward. To get started, users can download the free mobile application from either Apple’s App Store or Google Play. Once installed, they will be prompted to create an account by entering their email address and a password of their choice. After logging in for the first time, users are able to customize their profile with personal information such as age range, interests/hobbies and other details that may help them find like-minded people on Hiki’s platform.

The main feature of this app is its matchmaking system which allows users to search for potential matches based on various criteria including location (distance), gender identity/sexual orientation preferences etc., while also having access to filters such as age range so they can narrow down results even further if needed. Additionally there are options available where one can browse through profiles without being matched automatically – allowing them more control over who they interact with online! Finally after finding someone interesting enough – it’s possible initiate conversations via text messages within the same interface provided by Hiki itself making communication easy & convenient between two parties involved in any given relationship situation!

4. Is Hiki free?

Yes, Hiki is free. It is an open source platform that anyone can use to create a website or blog without having to pay for hosting services. The software itself is completely free and users do not need any coding knowledge in order to get started with creating their own websites or blogs. Additionally, there are many plugins available which allow users to customize the look and feel of their sites as well as add additional features such as e-commerce capabilities and social media integration. With its easy setup process, comprehensive documentation library, active community support forums, and numerous customization options – it’s no wonder why so many people choose Hiki when looking for a reliable yet affordable web development solution!

5. Is Hiki working and can you find someone there?

Yes, Hiki is working and it can be used to find someone. It is a free online platform that connects people with resources for mental health, addiction recovery, career guidance and more. The website provides an easy-to-use search engine which allows users to quickly locate the right resource in their area or anywhere else in the world. Additionally, Hiki also offers personalized recommendations based on individual needs as well as access to community forums where individuals can ask questions or share experiences with others who have similar issues. With its vast network of professionals and organizations dedicated to helping those struggling with various life challenges, Hiki makes finding help easier than ever before!


To conclude, Hiki is a great app for those looking to find partners for dating. It has an intuitive design and easy-to-use interface that makes it simple to navigate around the app. The safety and security features are robust, providing users with peace of mind when using the platform. Additionally, there is excellent help and support available if any issues arise while using the service. Finally, user profiles are detailed enough so you can get a good sense of who someone might be before deciding whether or not they’re right for you! All in all, Hiki provides an enjoyable experience overall but could benefit from some improvements such as making profile pictures more visible on mobile devices and introducing additional search filters to make finding potential matches easier.

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