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  • 3. Comprehensive safety and security measures
  • Unverified profiles
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  • No background checks
  • High subscription fees
  • Unclear safety measures


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Intro is an online dating platform that connects Muslim singles around the world with one another in a safe and secure environment. It was launched in 2019 by Spark Networks, a leading global provider of innovative dating solutions for single Muslims looking to find their perfect match. The app has quickly become popular among young adults who are interested in finding someone special from within their own faith community, as well as those who want to explore different cultures and backgrounds through relationships built on mutual respect and understanding.

The target audience for Inshallah consists mainly of millennials between 18-35 years old living primarily across North America, Europe, Australia/New Zealand & MENA (Middle East & North Africa). This group makes up more than 80% of all active users on the site today – making it one of the most successful niche sites catering specifically towards this demographic globally!

In terms of features offered by inshallah there’s something here for everyone; whether you’re looking to start conversations or get serious about finding your soulmate – they have options available such as messaging systems which allow members communicate directly with each other without revealing personal contact information like email addresses or phone numbers until both parties feel comfortable enough doing so! Additionally users can also browse profiles based off interests using advanced search filters while staying anonymous if desired too – giving them complete control over how much they share publicly before taking things further offline..

Currently Inshallah boasts millions active monthly users spread out across 5 countries including United States Canada UK France Germany making it one best platforms its kind worldwide With free use many convenient ways access website mobile apps iOS Android devices downloading process takes just few minutes depending device type after registration completed user will able create profile upload photos start browsing potential matches straight away As always safety security top priority team works hard ensure data protected every step way no matter where go journey begins here at .

How Does Work? is an app that helps Muslims find potential marriage partners from around the world. It has been designed to make it easier for users to search, connect and interact with each other in a safe environment. The key features of this app include detailed profiles, advanced filtering options and a secure messaging system so users can communicate without revealing their identity or contact information until they are ready to do so.

Users can create their own profile on Inshallah by providing basic details such as age, gender and location along with additional preferences like religious beliefs or cultural background if desired; these will help them narrow down potential matches more quickly than traditional methods would allow for. Profiles also contain photos which are reviewed manually before being approved by moderators ensuring only genuine images appear on the site – something many online dating sites lack today!

The user base of Inshallah is quite diverse; there are people from all over the world including countries like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Turkey and Indonesia who use this platform regularly making it one of the most popular Muslim matchmaking apps available today! Additionally since its launch back in 2016 more than 5 million registered members have joined up – testament not just to its popularity but also how effective it has proven itself at helping those looking for love within Islamic communities across different nations too!

For those seeking out someone special through Inshallah’s services they have several options available: you can browse existing profiles directly using filters such as religion/culture/age range etc., join discussion forums where conversations about topics related specifically towards finding suitable partners take place (e-g matrimonial advice) or even request introductions via private messages sent between friends already connected through this network thus allowing access into wider circles potentially containing better prospects still waiting discovery…

Finally once two individuals decide upon meeting face-to-face then there’s even built-in support provided should either party require assistance arranging travel plans (such flights & accommodation). This feature alone makes life much simpler when attempting long distance relationships – no longer does anyone need worry about logistics getting way things progressing romantically speaking…all thanks inshallah’s innovative approach modern day courtship etiquette !

  • 1.Prayer Timings: Get accurate prayer timings for your location and set reminders to stay on track with your daily prayers.
  • 2. Quran Recitation & Translation: Listen to the recitation of verses from the Holy Quran in Arabic, along with their translations in multiple languages including English, French, Spanish and more.
  • 3. Islamic Calendar & Events Reminders: Keep up-to-date with all upcoming Islamic events such as Ramadan dates or Eid celebrations by setting personalized reminders so you never miss out!
  • 4. Halal Food Finder Tool: Easily find halal restaurants near you using our comprehensive search engine that covers over 200 countries worldwide!
  • 5 .Qibla Direction Locator : Find out which direction Mecca is located from any point on Earth using our interactive Qibla locator tool powered by Google Maps API integration technology .
  • 6 .Daily Inspirational Quotes : Receive uplifting quotes every day based off of themes like faith , hope , courage and resilience straight to your inbox !

Registration – How Easy Is It?

Registering on the app is a simple process that requires basic information such as your name, age, gender and email address. After submitting these details you will be asked to create a profile with more detailed information about yourself including photos, hobbies and interests. Once your profile has been created you can start browsing through potential matches or wait for someone to contact you directly if they find your profile interesting enough. The minimum required age to begin dating on the app is 18 years old and it’s free of charge for everyone who wishes to register an account in order to search for their perfect match!

  • 1.User must provide a valid email address
  • 2. User must create a unique username and password
  • 3. User should accept the terms of service agreement before registering
  • 4. Users may be required to enter their full name, date of birth, gender or other personal information for verification purposes
  • 5. All users are expected to abide by the rules and regulations set forth in inshallah’s code of conduct
  • 6. A confirmation link will be sent via email after registration is complete
  • 7. The user account can only be accessed with an approved device (e-mailed/texted) from Inshallah headquarters 8 .Users agree not to share any confidential information obtained during registration process

Design and Usability of

The app has a modern design with bright colors and an intuitive layout. The homepage is dominated by vibrant blues, pinks, and oranges that create a welcoming atmosphere for users to explore the site’s features. Finding profiles of other people on the app is easy; you can use filters such as age range or location to narrow down your search results quickly. Usability-wise, navigating through different pages within the app feels smooth and straightforward thanks to its well-designed user interface elements like menus and buttons. If you decide to purchase a paid subscription there are some UI improvements such as more detailed profile information which makes it easier for potential matches to get in touch with each other faster

User Profile Quality is a dating site that allows users to create profiles and connect with other members of the community. The quality of user profiles on Inshallah can vary, depending on how much information they choose to provide in their profile. All user profiles are public, meaning anyone who visits the website can view them without having an account or logging in first. Users have the option to set a custom bio for their profile which provides more detail about themselves than what’s available through standard fields such as age and gender identity. There isn’t currently any “friends” feature but there may be one added at some point down the line if enough people request it from customer service representatives or moderators within forums related to Inshallah usage topics like privacy settings etc..

When it comes to privacy settings, all users must agree not only with terms & conditions when signing up but also abide by certain rules regarding personal data protection during interactions between different members of this online platform; otherwise accounts could be suspended or deleted altogether due its violation policy against fake accounts created solely for malicious purposes (e-mail harvesting). Additionally, you do have access Google/Facebook sign-in options so that your login credentials remain secure while still allowing easy access into your private area once logged in successfully via either method mentioned above – however these methods will require additional authentication steps prior before being able accessing full features provided by this website’s premium subscription plan(s) which include things like extra storage space among others benefits too numerous list here…

Finally location info is another important factor when creating a new account since most platforms nowadays ask whether you want share current city name publicly visible under each individual member’s page – however if desired then there should always exist an option hide said details especially those containing sensitive data including address coordinates potentially revealing exact distance away from other nearby registered participants using same application (which again depends entirely upon preferences selected beforehand).

Website is a dating website that provides users with an opportunity to find potential partners for long-term relationships and marriage. The site offers various features such as profile creation, messaging, photo sharing, video chat and more. Users can also search for compatible matches based on their interests or location using the advanced filters available on the website. One of the main advantages of Inshallah is its user-friendly interface which makes it easy to navigate through different sections without any difficulty. Additionally, all profiles are verified by moderators so there’s no chance of fake accounts being created or scammers taking advantage of people looking for love online .

The difference between inshallah’s dating website and app lies in how they’re used; while both offer similar services like creating profiles and searching for matches ,the app version allows users to access these features from anywhere at anytime via their mobile device . This gives them greater flexibility when it comes to finding someone special since they don’t have be tied down by a computer screen anymore . On top of this , many apps provide additional tools such as push notifications which help keep track conversations even if you’re not actively logged into your account at all times .

At present time Insallah does not have a dedicated dating site but rather focuses solely on providing resources related specifically towards Muslim singles seeking companionship within their faith community instead.. This decision was likely made due to concerns over safety given that Islamic culture places high emphasis upon maintaining modesty amongst members especially during courtship periods prior marriage proposals occurrring officially .. Furthermore other popular sites already exist offering safe spaces where Muslims may meet eachother securely making having own separate platform less necessary than before

Safety & Security is committed to providing a secure online environment for its users and has implemented several measures to ensure app security. To start, all user accounts must be verified before they can access the platform’s features. This verification process involves identity checks such as email address confirmation, phone number validation and photo ID uploads that are manually reviewed by staff members at Inshallah headquarters in Paris. Furthermore, Inshallah uses sophisticated algorithms to detect suspicious activity from bots or fake accounts attempting to gain access into the system; any detected attempts will result in an immediate suspension of account privileges until further investigation is completed by their team of experts. Additionally, two-factor authentication (2FA) adds another layer of protection against unauthorized logins which helps keep user data safe while using inshallah’s services on mobile devices or computers connected through public networks like Wi-Fi hotspots etc.. Lastly, with regards privacy policy – All personal information collected during registration processes remains confidential within our company database; we do not share this data with third parties without prior consent from each individual customer first

Pricing and Benefits

Is a Paid Subscription Needed on is an online dating site that offers users the chance to meet their potential soulmates in a safe and secure environment. The app is free for everyone, but there are some features that require payment if you want access to them. These include unlimited messaging, advanced search filters, and VIP status which allows users to stand out from other members of the community by appearing at the top of searches or having special badges next to their profile pictures indicating they have paid for premium services offered by inshallah .

Benefits Of A Paid Subscription On Inshallah:

  • Unlimited Messaging – Send as many messages as you like without worrying about running out!
  • Advanced Search Filters – Find your perfect match faster with more detailed criteria options available when searching through profiles on inshallah . * VIP Status – Stand out from other members with exclusive badges next to your profile picture showing off your commitment towards finding love using this platform!

Prices & Competitiveness:

The prices vary depending on how long-term subscription plan you choose; however most plans range between $9-$20 per month making it quite competitive compared with similar apps offering similar services in terms of pricing structure and value added benefits such as those mentioned above (unlimited messaging etc).

Cancellation Process & Refunds: If at any point during use customers decide they no longer wish continue using Insallh’s service then cancelling can be done easily via customer support team who will also provide full refunds where applicable upon request within 30 days after cancellation date has been confirmed/notified.

Help & Support is a popular online dating website, and it offers users access to various support options. The first way that you can access support on is through their customer service page, which provides detailed information about the different services they offer as well as contact details for any queries or issues you may have with your account or experience while using the site. You can also submit an enquiry form directly from this page if needed, allowing them to respond quickly and efficiently with answers tailored specifically to your query in mind.

Another option available for accessing help on is via email; there are several dedicated addresses listed depending upon what type of issue you need assistance with such as technical problems or general inquiries related to membership packages etc., so make sure that when submitting an email request include all relevant information so that they can provide a timely response addressing each point raised by yourself accurately without having to ask further questions later down the line!

Finally, should neither of these methods suit then there’s always good old fashioned telephone communication too – just call up one of their friendly team members who will be more than happy (and able)to answer any questions/queries regarding anything at all relating both before and after signing up – typical response times vary but usually range between 24-48 hours maximum although most requests tend get dealt within 1 working day itself meaning no long waits here either! Plus there’s even a helpful FAQ section located right at bottom homepage containing quick answers commonly asked queries making finding solutions much easier & faster still!.


1. Is safe? is a website that offers online dating services for Muslims and those interested in the Islamic faith. The site has been around since 2004, so it’s had plenty of time to build up a good reputation among its users. In terms of safety, takes security seriously by using encryption technology on all communication between members and their servers, as well as providing an extensive list of privacy policies designed to protect user data from being shared with third parties or used inappropriately by other members on the site. Additionally, they have moderators who monitor conversations taking place within the community forums and chat rooms in order to ensure that everyone remains respectful towards one another while engaging in meaningful dialogue about topics related to Islam or Muslim culture more generally speaking; this helps create an environment where people can feel comfortable expressing themselves without fear of judgment or harassment from others online – something which is very important when considering any kind of digital interaction these days! All-in-all then: yes – inshallah . com appears safe enough for anyone looking into finding love through its platform (or simply wanting some interesting conversation).

2. Is a real dating site with real users? is a real dating site with real users, although it has not been around for very long. The website was launched in 2018 and offers Muslim singles the opportunity to connect with other like-minded individuals who are looking for love or friendship. It is an international platform that allows members from all over the world to join and interact with each other, regardless of their location or cultural background. In addition to providing its members access to potential matches, inshallah also provides them with helpful resources such as articles on relationships and marriage advice from experts in Islamic law (Sharia). Furthermore, there are numerous success stories shared by those who have found meaningful connections through this service which further adds credibility towards its legitimacy as a genuine online dating platform

3. How to use app? is an app that helps users find and book flights, hotels, car rentals and other travel services in a simple way. It allows you to search for the best deals available from hundreds of airlines and thousands of hotels worldwide. You can also compare prices across different providers so you get the most value for your money when booking your trip or vacation package.

To use inshallah’s app, simply download it onto your device (available on both iOS & Android) then sign up with either Facebook or Google+ account details before searching through their extensive database of flight options based on destination city/country as well as dates desired by user – results are displayed within seconds! From there one can select which airline they prefer along with any additional amenities such as hotel rooms etc., enter payment information securely using PayPal or credit card option provided – once done all reservations will be emailed directly to customer’s inbox where confirmation numbers await them! In addition customers have access to 24-hour customer service support should anything go wrong during their travels abroad; this ensures peace-of-mind while travelling away from home knowing help is just a phone call away if needed at anytime throughout journey

4. Is free? is a free online dating site that allows users to connect with other Muslims around the world for friendship, romance and marriage. The website offers an easy-to-use platform where members can create their own profile, search through thousands of potential matches from different countries and cultures, communicate via private messages or live chat rooms, share photos and videos as well as join in on forums discussing topics related to Muslim life. In addition to being completely free of charge for all its features including messaging capabilities between members; inshallah also provides additional services such as matchmaking advice columns written by experienced professionals in the field of Islamic matrimony along with helpful tips about how best approach finding your perfect partner within this faith community.

5. Is working and can you find someone there? is an online matchmaking service that helps Muslims find potential partners for marriage and other relationships. The website has been around since 2006, and it currently boasts over 4 million members from all over the world who are looking to connect with someone special. Inshallah offers a range of features designed to help users meet their perfect match, including detailed profile pages where they can share information about themselves as well as photos; advanced search filters so they can narrow down their results; private messaging options so they can get in touch with each other safely and securely; compatibility quizzes which allow them to see how compatible two people might be before taking things further; plus many more useful tools. With such a large user base, there’s no doubt that you could find someone on inshallah if you take the time to look through profiles carefully or use some of its helpful search functions – though obviously success will depend on your own individual preferences!


In conclusion, is a great dating app for Muslims who are looking to find their perfect match. The design and usability of the app make it easy to use and navigate around, while safety features such as photo verification help ensure that users can trust those they interact with on the platform. Help and support options provide assistance when needed, making sure all members have an enjoyable experience using the site or mobile application. User profiles offer quality information about potential partners so you can get an idea of what kind of person they are before deciding if you want to take things further with them or not. All in all, Inshallah provides a safe space where Muslim singles from across Europe can meet each other without fear or judgement – allowing them to connect in meaningful ways online until both parties feel comfortable enough for offline meetings too!

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