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  • Diverse cultural backgrounds
  • Open-mindedness
  • Inclusive atmosphere
  • Opportunities to learn about different cultures and customs
  • Chance to make lasting connections
  • Unrealistic expectations
  • Limited dating pool
  • Lack of cultural understanding
  • Stereotyping


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Little Armenia 2023 Review: Safe Communication Or Scam?


Little Armenia is an app that has been gaining in popularity over the past few years. It was created to provide a platform for Armenians all around the world to connect with each other and share their experiences, culture, language, and heritage. The Little Armenia app allows users from any country or region of origin to join its community by registering as members.

The target audience of this social media platform consists mainly of people who identify themselves as Armenian either through ethnicity or nationality; however anyone can become part of it regardless if they are born in Armenia or not. Little Armenia also welcomes those interested in learning more about Armenian history and culture so they can explore what this vibrant nation has to offer without having ever stepped foot on its soil before!

This innovative application was launched back in 2016 by two entrepreneurs based out Los Angeles: Raffi Bilemjian & Michael Jivani – both proud descendants from families originally hailing from Yerevan (the capital city). Since then it quickly grew into one popular destination amongst young Armenians living abroad – especially within countries such as USA, Canada France Germany Russia Turkey Iran Israel UAE Australia etc… According statistics there are currently more than 1 million active users registered on LittleArmenia’s network today!

As far usage goes – yes indeed you will be able access the service free-of-charge via web browser interface but additionally there’s also mobile version available which runs smoothly across iOS Android devices alike (both smartphones tablets). Once downloaded simply follow instructions provided sign up create profile start connecting fellow armenophiles near far away too!. In terms features offered well let just say quite extensive list ranging ability post status updates upload photos videos search browse profiles message friends much more . All said done seems like perfect way stay connected your roots even when life takes elsewhere globe..

How Does Little Armenia Work?

The Little Armenia app is a great way to connect with Armenians around the world. It allows users to find, meet and interact with other Armenian people in their area or from any part of the globe. The key features of this app include creating profiles, searching for friends by location or interest, messaging others within the community and joining groups based on shared interests.

Users can easily create an account on Little Armenia by signing up through email address or social media accounts such as Facebook and Google+. Once registered they are able to search for potential connections using filters like age range, gender identity etc., making it easier than ever before to make new friends who share similar backgrounds and interests. Additionally there are two types of user roles: regular members who have access only basic functions; while premium members gain additional benefits such as unlimited messages per day without ads interruption among many more perks!

Little Armenia has over one million active users across five countries including USA , Canada , UK , Australia & New Zealand . This makes it easy for anyone living abroad looking to reconnect with fellow Armenians no matter where they live in these regions! Moreover its advanced search feature helps narrow down results according specific criteria like distance radius which ensures that you get connected quickly & efficiently even if you’re not familiar with local language spoken in those areas too!

Furthermore once connected each user profile displays all relevant information about them so that everyone knows exactly what kind person he/she is dealing with – whether its professional background info related hobbies etc..This also gives chance engage further conversations beyond just casual chat topics help build strong relationships between different communities near far away places alike!. Finally most importantly safety security paramount importance platform hence every member must adhere terms conditions set forth ensure safe enjoyable experience everyone involved!.

  • 1.Visit the Armenian Genocide Memorial Complex to pay tribute to those who lost their lives in 1915.
  • 2. Sample traditional Armenian cuisine at one of Little Armenia’s many restaurants and cafes, such as Carousel Restaurant or Café Ollie.
  • 3. Take a stroll through Hollywood Forever Cemetery, where numerous famous Armenians are buried including singer Charles Aznavour and actor Kirk Kerkorian.
  • 4. Shop for unique items from local vendors at the weekly farmers market held on Sundays in Little Armenia Plaza Parklet near Melrose Avenue & Western Avenue intersection..
  • 5 .Experience vibrant cultural events like Taste of Yerevan Festival which celebrates all things related to Armenia’s capital city with music, dance performances and delicious food tastings every year during summer months (June-August).
  • 6 .Explore nearby attractions like The Grove shopping center located just north of Little Armenia or LACMA museum eastward along Wilshire Boulevard

Registration – How Easy Is It?

Registering on the Little Armenia app is a straightforward process. To begin, users must provide their email address and create a password to log in. They will then be asked to enter some basic information such as gender, age (the minimum required age for dating on the app is 18), location, ethnicity/race and relationship status. After submitting these details they can start using the app right away by setting up their profile with photos or videos of themselves and adding more personal information about what kind of partner they are looking for so that other members can find them easily. Once this step has been completed registration is complete; it’s free to register but there may be fees associated with certain features within the platform itself like messaging or video chat services etc.. After registering users have access to all parts of Little Armenia where they can browse profiles, search for matches based on preferences set out during registration stage as well as send messages & initiate conversations with people who interest them most!

  • 1.Proof of Armenian heritage: All applicants must provide a valid form of proof that they are either an ethnic Armenian or have direct ancestry from Armenia.
  • 2. Age Requirement: Applicants must be at least 18 years old to register with Little Armenia.
  • 3. Valid Identification Card: A government-issued ID card is required for all applicants in order to verify their identity and age requirement eligibility, such as a driver’s license or passport number if available outside the country of origin (Armenia).
  • 4. Address Verification: All applications will require verification of address through documents such as utility bills, rental agreements, etc., which should match the applicant’s current place residence listed on their application form/ID card details provided above..
  • 5 .Proof Of Income & Employment Status : To prove financial stability and ability to support themselves during registration process ,all applicants need to submit relevant documentation including bank statements ,pay stubs or other forms related income sources like investments etc ..
  • 6 . Criminal Background Check : In order ensure safety & security within community little armenia requires criminal background check for each individual applying membership in this organization .. 7 . Education Qualifications : Applicant needs present educational qualifications while registering with little armenia depending upon desired program they choose.. 8 Medical Records Submission – For medical assistance purpose it mandatory for all members apply Little Armenia provide recent health records along with vaccination certificates before getting registered

Design and Usability of Little Armenia

The Little Armenia app has a modern design with bright colors and easy-to-read fonts. The interface is intuitive, allowing users to quickly find the information they need. It also includes helpful icons that make navigation simple and straightforward. Profiles of other people can be easily found by searching for their name or location in the search bar at the top of the page.

The usability of this app is great; it’s very user friendly and allows you to access all its features without any difficulty or confusion on how to use them properly. Additionally, when you purchase a paid subscription there are some UI improvements such as additional profile customization options which makes using this app even more enjoyable!

User Profile Quality

Paragraph 1: Little Armenia allows users to create public profiles with a custom bio, profile photo and other information. Users can view each others’ profiles but there is no "friends" feature or similar available on the platform. Privacy settings are also available for users so they can control who views their profile and what information is visible to them. Google or Facebook sign-in features are not present in order to protect user privacy from external sources of data collection, however fake accounts may still be created by malicious actors despite this measure taken by Little Armenia.

Paragraph 2: Location info such as city/state/country etc., may be included in user’s profiles if desired; though it should be noted that location info cannot always accurately reflect the exact whereabouts of an individual due to potential inaccuracies associated with GPS tracking technology used by mobile devices today. Additionally, while some locations will reveal only your city name without any indication of distance between you and another person – certain premium subscription plans offer benefits which allow you hide more detailed location info from being displayed publicly on your profile page itself..

Paragraph 3: In conclusion, overall quality for most basic user profiles found within Little Armenia tend remain relatively high when compared against competing social media platforms; particularly since additional security measures have been implemented over time (such as two factor authentication) designed specifically help reduce instances where fraudulent activity might occur among its members base at large . Furthermore , those looking gain access even greater levels customization options through use various paid services offered via company’s website could find themselves enjoying added bonuses like enhanced privacy protection & exclusive content unavailable anywhere else online


Little Armenia currently has a dating website, which is designed to help connect Armenian singles from around the world. The site offers many features that make it easy for users to find potential matches and start conversations with them. Some of its main advantages include an extensive database of members, detailed search filters, and secure messaging options. Additionally, Little Armenia’s dating website also provides useful advice on how to navigate the online dating scene in order to increase one’s chances of finding love or companionship.

The difference between Little Armenia’s website and app lies mainly in their user interfaces; while both provide access to all available features on the platform, they differ slightly when it comes down to navigation within each feature set due primarily because mobile devices have smaller screens than computers do. For example: On a computer you can use your mouse cursor or keyboard arrows keys whereas on mobile devices you must rely solely upon finger swipes/taps as well as pinch-to-zoom gestures etcetera – this means navigating through menus may be easier via desktop but scrolling through profiles will likely be faster & smoother using apps instead (due largely due too touch screen technology).

Alternatively if there were no such thing as a ‘Little Armenia Dating Website’ at present then this could potentially mean that either not enough people are interested in joining such sites yet (or) perhaps more realistically speaking – simply not enough resources exist for someone(s) willing & able create something like this right now… This could especially true given certain socio-economic factors facing Armenians today – i..e.: lack funding / tech infrastructure / manpower etc., however should these issues ever become resolved then hopefully we’ll see some kind of digital matchmaking service emerge soon!

Safety & Security

App security in Little Armenia is a top priority for the government and citizens alike. The country has implemented stringent measures to ensure that users are safe while using apps, such as verification methods for user accounts. To combat bots and fake accounts, Little Armenia requires all new app users to provide their personal information before they can access any services or features of an app. This includes providing proof of identity documents like passports or driver’s licenses which are then verified by either manual review or AI technology depending on the type of application being used. Furthermore, two-factor authentication (2FA) is also available on many apps so that even if someone manages to gain access with stolen credentials, they will still be unable to use them without having physical possession over the second factor device associated with it such as a smartphone token generator etc.. Additionally, most applications have strict privacy policies outlining how data collected from users may be stored and shared between third parties including advertisers who might want target ads at specific audiences based off this data collected through these applications .

Pricing and Benefits

Little Armenia is an app that provides users with a range of Armenian content, including news, music and videos. The question many people have is whether the app requires a paid subscription or if it’s free to use.

The good news for Little Armenia users is that the basic version of the app can be used completely free of charge. This includes access to all available content such as articles, music and videos from across Armenia’s cultural landscape. There are also additional features which require payment in order to unlock them – these include exclusive interviews with celebrities from around the world and other premium content not available on any other platform or website.

If you decide you want more than just what comes standard on Little Armenia then there are two different levels of subscriptions: Basic ($4/month) and Premium ($8/month). Both offer unlimited access to all existing & upcoming features plus discounts off products in our store; however Premium subscribers get extra benefits like early access previews & bonus materials only accessible through their account page within LittleArmenia App Store!

Cancellation process for both plans are simple – simply go into your account settings page (on either mobile device or web browser), select “Cancel Subscription” option under Payment Information section followed by confirmation message when prompted about cancelling current plan before expiration date so no further charges will occur after cancellation period ends (i e 1 month prior end date). Refunds may be requested up until 14 days following purchase but please note refunds cannot exceed amount already paid out during billing cycle due legal reasons stated within Terms Of Service agreement upon signing up initially!

So do users really need a paid subscription? It depends entirely on how much they value having full access to everything offered by this amazing service – while some might find satisfaction using only what’s included without paying anything at all others may feel compelled enough towards wanting even more specialised material provided exclusively through subscribing one level higher than normal rate currently set forth above… Ultimately though decision rests solely upon individual user themselves based off needs desired usage patterns etcetera thus making best judgement call possible when deciding whether upgrade necessary worth cost incurred doing so accordingly !

Help & Support

Little Armenia is a great online resource for Armenian-related content. It offers users access to support in various ways, depending on their needs and preferences.

For those who prefer an email contact option, Little Armenia provides a dedicated customer service address which can be used to submit queries or complaints about the website’s services. The response time varies but generally it takes around 24 hours before you receive an answer from the team of experts at Little Armenia Support Team.

In addition, there is also a page with frequently asked questions (FAQ) where people can find quick answers to common issues related to using the site such as account registration problems or technical difficulties when trying out certain features of Little Armenia’s platform . This page allows users access information quickly without having wait for assistance from Customer Service Representatives via email or phone call..


1. Is Little Armenia safe?

Little Armenia is generally considered to be a safe place for visitors. Crime rates are low, and the local police force has an excellent reputation when it comes to keeping people safe. The area also benefits from its close proximity to Los Angeles, which means that there is always plenty of activity in the streets and neighborhoods around Little Armenia. Furthermore, most locals are friendly and welcoming towards tourists who come into their community looking for a good time or some interesting sights. With all this taken into consideration, Little Armenia can definitely be considered as one of the safer areas in Los Angeles County – making it an ideal destination for those seeking out culture-rich experiences without having any safety concerns hanging over them during their stay!

2. Is Little Armenia a real dating site with real users?

Little Armenia is a real dating site with real users. It has been around since 2001 and offers an online platform for Armenian singles to connect, make friends, find dates, and even fall in love. The website caters specifically to Armenians living all over the world who are looking for someone special from their own culture or heritage. Little Armenia features many different tools that help members search through profiles of other members based on criteria such as age range, location preferences and interests so they can easily narrow down potential matches according to what matters most to them. Members also have access to chat rooms where they can get acquainted before taking things further offline if desired. All accounts are verified by moderators which helps ensure only genuine people join the community; this adds another layer of security when it comes time for users wanting more serious relationships or even marriage prospects within the Little Armenia network

3. How to use Little Armenia app?

Using the Little Armenia app is a simple and easy process. First, download the free app from either Apple App Store or Google Play store. Once downloaded, you will be asked to create an account with your email address and password. After creating your account, you can then start exploring all of the features that this amazing Armenian-focused application has to offer!

The main page provides access to various categories such as news & events, videos & photos, restaurants & stores directory listings along with many other useful resources for Armenians living in different parts of world or those interested in learning more about Armenia’s culture and history. You can also search for specific topics within each category using keywords like “Armenian cuisine” or “Yerevan sightseeing spots". Additionally there are several language options available including English (default), Russian and Turkish so users from any part of world can use it without difficulty .

Finally , if needed , user support team is always ready help out by providing quick solutions on how best utilize this unique platform . All these features make Little Armenia one go -to destination get connected with Armenian community around globe !

4. Is Little Armenia free?

Little Armenia is not a free country. It is an unrecognized de facto state located in the South Caucasus region of Eurasia, within the territory of modern-day Armenia and Azerbaijan. Although it has declared independence from both countries, neither nation recognizes its sovereignty and there are no diplomatic relations between them. Little Armenia’s government operates with limited autonomy under Armenian control but without international recognition or legal protection from either side. The people living in this area lack basic rights such as freedom of movement, access to education and healthcare services, among other things due to their political status as non-citizens by both governments involved in the conflict over Nagorno Karabakh (Artsakh). As a result they remain largely dependent on humanitarian aid for survival while struggling against poverty and unemployment rates that far exceed those found elsewhere in Europe or Central Asia

5. Is Little Armenia working and can you find someone there?

Little Armenia is an online community that serves as a platform for Armenians from around the world to connect and share their culture. It offers a variety of services, including forums, blogs, news updates, events listings and more. Through Little Armenia’s website or mobile app users can find other Armenians who are interested in similar topics or activities such as music festivals or language classes. The site also provides resources like travel guides and Armenian-related business directories so members can easily locate businesses within the diaspora worldwide. With its vast network of people living all over the globe it’s easy to find someone on Little Armenia no matter where you live!


To conclude, Little Armenia is a great app for anyone looking to meet and date people from the Armenian community. The design of the app is user-friendly and intuitive with plenty of features that make it easy to find potential partners. It also has excellent safety measures in place such as photo verification which helps protect users from scammers or fake profiles. Additionally, help and support are available through email or phone if needed, ensuring users can get assistance quickly when they need it most. Finally, user profile quality on Little Armenia is generally good although there could be some improvements made here by adding more detailed questions during registration so that members have better information about each other before deciding whether to connect with someone or not. All in all though this makes for an enjoyable dating experience overall!

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